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in this week’s lesson, attention was directed towards those who carry out terrorist activities in a solitary manner. Considering such individuals, can you summarize the psychological and behavioral attributes that appear to be most prevalent among lone wolf terrorists? Additionally, what actions do you feel could be taken to not only impede the actions of these individuals, but the radicalization of them as well?

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350 words

3 sources

APA format

Use any 3 from the following sources


  • Gartenstein-Ross, Daveed. 2014. Lone Wolf Islamic Terrorism: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (Carlos Bledsoe) Case Study. Terrorism & Political Violence. 26, no. 1: 110-128. 
  • Michael, George. 2012. Leaderless Resistance: The New Face of Terrorism. Defence Studies 12, no. 2: 257-282. 
  • Moskalenko, Sophia, and Clark McCauley. 2011. The psychology of lone-wolf terrorism. Counseling Psychology. Quarterly 24, no. 2: 115-126. 
  • Stewart, Scott. 2011a. Cutting through the Lone-Wolf Hype. Statfor
  • Stewart, Scott. 2011b. Norway: Lessons from a Successful Lone Wolf Attacker. Statfor
  • West, Ben and Scott Stewart. 2011. Uncomfortable Truths and the Times Square Attack. Stratfor.

Additional Resources:

Mark, H., & Spaaj, R. (2015). Lone wolf terrorism in America: Using knowledge of radicalization pathways to forge prevention strategies. Indiana State University.


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