Yeast Fermentation Lab

The aim of this work was to identify how sugar concentration does affect yeast fermentation. An increase in sugar concentration must increase the release of CA as a result of yeast fermentation. The following analysis considers the average CA concentrations measured as a result of three independent experiments. In absence of sugar no CA was released. A 5% increase in sugar concentration showed a low
CA presence, 0. 33 CM. Then as a result of another 5% increase in sugar concentration it is observed a higher concentration of CA, 1. 1 CM measured. Till then the increase of CA concentration was expected. When sugar solution reached 15% surprisingly the CA concentration decreased to 0. 57. Actually it was expected a relative increase in CA concentration. Later when sucrose concentration increased to we identified an important increase in CA concentration.
The whole hypothesis could not be supported as a result of the decrease in concentration when sugar concentration reached 15%. Evaluation: In order to improve this work we could consider the following elements: use more different samples of yeast, in this work we only had one yeast source. It could have sugar concentration was added was not accurate and changes in the temperature could have affected the results. Furthermore the use of pipettes could have been improved during the process of the procedures.

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Yeast Fermentation Lab
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