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Visit the Resources for Writers in the Module or by clicking the link. I think it’s neat that the CDC has a resource for writers to use when creating a script around a health issue. What I want you to do is find a health issue from a TV show or movie that is INACCURATELY depicted and correct it. You will describe the depiction (symptoms, treatments, spread, etc.) and discuss the inaccuracies portrayed. Next, discuss the audience this show is targeted towards and the importance of proper health communication messaging. Why does it matter if this show/movie accurately depicts this health issue? Does the inaccurate content develop stigmas associated with the health issue? Do you think people develop their opinions about a health issue based on what they see on TV/film? 

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This assignment should be 1- 2 pages in length, double-spaced, in APA 7th edition format, and include a reference page. You will include the primary NCHEC Area of Responsibility and Competencies you are addressing in this assignment as a separate paragraph. Discuss the areas you are practicing for this assignment and the specific competency(ies) you are utilizing. Discuss the importance of these competencies as it relates to the profession of public health.


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