Write listening journal about Capoeira(The Afro-Brazilian Dance-Fight-Game)


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Write listening journal about Capoeira(The Afro-Brazilian Dance-Fight-Game)
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Make a point, e.g.:
o Offer an original musical, social, or cultural analysis based on the evidence offered in

class and/or in the listening examples themselves. You may be speculative here—that is,

you don’t have to rigorously prove your point: this is a journal entry, not a full paper. o Or, ask a thought-provoking question that responds to what you learned about the

listening example from class. Explain why you are asking this question.
o Or, compare two or more listening examples, optionally comparing the examples you are

discussing to examples from other weeks.
o Or, write in an interesting, creative, and original way about your response to the music:

what feelings it evokes in you, and why you think you might be responding that way.

  • Be original. Entries that only repeat or paraphrase what the instructor or another student said will

    receive no better than half credit, and may receive no credit.

  • No bibliography is necessary unless you are citing something from a published source or




    no more than one page. 

    Must describe one music term from tempo, context, instrument, harmony.



     Here is the link to the music.




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