World Without Money

What is money? Money is a currency accepted as exchange for goods and services. It is just a piece of paper that everyone would envy. People are obsessed with money and many would kill for it – there is no reason why they would not. Some even choose money over their own family or friends. Money is the reason the world operates, Thousands of people are dying everyday in the world, and all people care about is how they should spend their money after making it. Since money is the reason the world operates, just imagine the world without money to spend. Money makes the world go around.
Imagine the world without money; there will be no future. Not everything comes with a price tag, but money can buy people fame, power, and sometimes even a rescue to a life. Most of the wealthy people think that money is the most important aspect of life. Young adults in this generation believe that pursuing wealth will bring them happiness, having enough money is also an achievement now as a goal in life. This essay will discuss about how money affects people’s lives and minds. The cause of death in third-world countries is malnutrition, which leads to starvation and diseases.
Money can lead to starvation, which can lead to death. Millions of people die after natural disasters, problems will occur such as shelter, food, and protection. The only solution to that is money, money will be able to buy them the food they need, but the problem is that they do not have enough money. Even their own government cannot help, either because the government is having a financial crisis and are completely broke or they are not willing to spend their last bit money on their own people. That is the reason why charities are involved.

Despite the fact that they are already starving to death, some poor countries still have their own governments making them pay taxes. In Africa, one of the major disease is malaria, the causes of it all leads back to money. Why are Africans vulnerable to mosquitos? That is because they do not have enough money to build proper homes, but USAID (Government agency providing humanitarian assistance) has provided millions of bed nets to avoid malaria; and that has decreased the amount of malaria happening in Africa and other countries (“House Holds Hang Up Mosquito Nets”. The government also pays the staffs of USAID; people really cannot live without money. Even writers back then, like Shakespeare, wrote about how money changed everything including the feelings one has for another; even in the past, all people cared about was money. For example, if a person was not rich enough, then that person’s lover’s parents wont approve of him or her. An example of that is Romeo & Juliet. People nowadays want more than what they need, that is the cause of greediness. People who are greedy have an excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions. People shop for things that are not necessary, more than half the people in Hong Kong are using an iPhone or an iPad, but it is not really necessary to buy an iPhone or iPad; the point of people buying an iPhone or an ipad is just to show people that they can afford an iPhone or an ipad. Greediness is in everyone, but some people are just greedier than others. Rich people tend to get greedier than others, and that explains why they are so rich. Hard work is required obviously but they do not share usually, because they are scared that their wealth will suddenly get stolen.
The problem is once people have the money and power, people are going to want more of those, and then those people would want to become richer than the wealthiest. When people get wealthier, some of them start belittling the people who they think are worth less than them. When in fact, everyone should be equal it does not matter if people are rich or poor. People crave for money; it is okay to crave for money just as long as people do not turn greedy. Because all of that hard work will disappear once that person gets buried. Ang 2 Ang 2
Researchers have found that countries with wealthier people tend to be happier than the ones who are poor. Rich people can afford fully furnished house that will make them happy, but on the other hand, poor people can barely even afford enough food to feed their own family; that would not make them happy will it now. Can money buy happiness? Yes, money can buy Ang 3 Ang 3 happiness. Money can buy people enough satisfaction in life, but they just want more and more. Once a person gets what they want then that person will want more again, it is like a cycle.
They want to have more than what other people have, and it ends up as a competition of who’s the richest. When all that money spent on useless items can be donated to charities with much more necessities. Money can buy happiness in so many ways; like riding a first class in the plane or going on vacation with the whole family while staying in a five star hotel. In some cases though, money can only buy happiness in a short period of time. When people loose the person they love, they cannot buy that persons life.
What people can do in order to forget is to use a little bit of money to have fun, like maybe buying a pint of ice cream or a box of chocolate’s might cheer a person up. Money also cannot buy love, a lot of people now are treating love as if it is a game, and all they are targeting is the money; so people should not get tricked by the ones who they think really loves them because people might also use wealthier people for the money they have. Good schools lead to brighter futures, and in order to get into good schools people need to have the money to get in; unless that person is smart and gets a scholarship.
People usually want to go to international schools so that they can get into good universities in the future, kids who’s parents do not have enough money usually get sent to public schools where they do not learn as much as international schools, so meaning they wont get into good universities. People who get into good universities need money or connections, unless they get a scholarship; this is where bribing comes in. Usually if a person is rich they can sometimes just pay the head minister the amount of money they want and just get in.
Though a lot of people who do quite good universities tend to become the millionaires in the end, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Money is a motivation for a lot of people, why do people think they want to go to a better university, its so that they can have a job that pays well. Steve Jobs built the first Apple laptop so that he can prove to his friends that his not just another nerd. Since that went successfully, Jobs thought that that would help him earn some money, and money motivated Ang 4 Ang 4 Jobs to create more of the advanced technologies we have today; such as the iPhone, ipad and MacBook.
If money were not there to motivate people to work their brains, then the technologies would not have been as advanced as they today. Bibliography: This website talks about a group in the United States called the USAID who helps provide shelters or food for the countries in need. In this article, it talks about how USAID helps countries; they provided thousands of bed nets for thousands of Africans. This helps the essay because my essay mentions why money affects third world countries, because money can buy them food and a place to live. ”About USAID. ” USAID. N. P. , 11 Nov. 2011. Web. 1 Mar. 2012. This chapter of the book is about greediness, how people are becoming greedier because of money, and why money isn’t the most important thing on earth. People only think about money, and they stop focusing on other important aspects in life, like family and friends. This helps the essay because it talks about how it makes people greedier because of money and how money will change the way people think and act. Byrne, Rhonda. “The Secret To Money” The Secret. New York: Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2006. Print. This article is about how money can buy happiness.
Researcher’s tried to see if wealthier people were happier than those who were less wealthy, and yes they were happier. This helps the essay because one of my paragraphs talks about whether money can buy happiness or not. “Can Money Buy Happiness? ” CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 18 July 2006. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. This database is about how money buys almost everything in life and you need money to survive. It talks about how you need money to live because everyday you eat, and the only way to get food is to buy it with money. It helps with the essay because the essay is about how money can almost buy anything in life.
Chamot, Dennis. “Money Matters. ” Chemical & Engirneering News. 2008 (Apr. 2008): 55. Pubs. Acs. Web. 19 March. 2012. This article is about how money is what is motivating people try their best. It talks about the reasons why people takes opportunities, its so people can earn money from it. This helps because part of my essay is about how money can also motivate people into doing more work. The reason why our technologies are advancing now is because of money, because money is what is pushing people to do work or to work harder. Dewhurst, Martin. Guthridge, Matthew. Mohr, Elizabeth. Motivating People, Getting Beyond Money. ” Mckinseyquarterly. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. Like the first citation, this article is about a group in the United States called USAID that helps people around the worlds. Households hang up mosquito nets is about USAID providing thousands of bed nets for the families in East Africa and saving their lives from preventing Malaria. This helps the essay because a part of the essay is about how money affects peoples lives and the employees of USAID are getting paid my the government, so without money, USAID would not have any employees. ”Households Hang Up Mosquito Nets. eastafrica. usaid. N. p. , 12 July. 2011. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. This book is about how a rich dad did not finish school but became a millionaire, while the poor dad finished university but ended up poor. It does relate to the essay because it talks about how money is still what motivates a person to work hard, like the rich dad in the book. What motivated him to quite school was because he knew he was going to be rich. Kiyosaki, Robert. Lechter, Sharon. Rich Dad Poor Dad. New York City: Warner Books Ed, 2001. Print. This database is about how money saved a natural disaster that happened in California.
Which supported my claim of why money does save thousands of lives, because without money there wont be people helping out in natural disasters, since they get paid for helping. Maggs Ward, William. “Money for quakes. ” Eos Trans. 70(45). Agu. Web. 19 March. 2012. This article is about why the society is becoming unfair, and people are becoming greedier. It also talks about how money does make the world go around, and why money makes people happy. It helps with the essay because the essay talks about greediness and how money affects happiness. Merkin, Daphne. “The Rich Aren’t Like You and Me… ” Elle. 13 Sept. 2010. Web. 11 Mar. 2012.

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