World War I Weapons and Machines

Explain why machine guns could dominate the battlefield in World War 1: Machine guns would change the war because of the fast fire rate, the calibre that can be fired and the distance that the gun can cause fatalities. They were devastating to the opposing side because of the amount of casualties that could be produced, in a far shorter time period due to fire rate and reload time. Machine guns were applied to many things e. g. lanes, tanks and trenches they would assist in stopping the advance of soldiers between the frontlines, because of the far shorter reload time in comparison to a rifle or side arm. There were not many flaws but the small amount are quite substantial, for instance the mobility there was either very little or none because of the vast weight, another fault that surfaced quite regularly was the jamming of firing system and reload mechanism.
These flaws were soon overcome with the release of LMG (light machine gun) that was far more manoeuvrable, and was less likely to jam it also could reload substantially faster than its predecessor, but had a smaller calibre. The LMG was dominating during the war for the advancing side because of its compact size, and many other features. During an advance a soldier could drop into a trench and fire upon multiple enemies without have to press the trigger numerous times and/or try and fire using a bolt action rifle which was a very slow means of firing. 2 Outline how the role of aircraft changed during World War 1.
Any and all aircraft in the World War 1 were initially used for surveillance and /or scouting the landscape but as the war matured as did the aircraft technology and they soon became weaponized into fighter plans that could hold an arsenal of different machine guns, either for firing upon enemy planes or trenches. These fragile planes were also used for bombing enemy positions or dropping supplies 4 Use your own word to define the following terms: Sump: a form of drainage used to remove water into a low lying area. Dugout: a hole dug in the ground that is covered and used as a shelter for soldiers.

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World War I Weapons and Machines
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