World music:Read chapter (45p) and summary & listening response

Carefully read Chapter 7.
Find a recording of music from the region we are studying (east asia). Consider using the Smithsonian Folkways or Nimbus Records websites to find recordings, and then search for the title on Spotify. (Links to an external site.) Spotify or YouTube is strongly recommended, but another free streaming service is acceptable. Listen carefully, noting the instruments, the number of performers, the form, and anything else you can identify.
Type a 1-2 page paper. This paper should contain two main sections: a summary of the chapter and your thoughts, ideas, and reactions to the music you found. This can include your opinions, feelings, ideas, and anything else that may be relevant. Include a link to the music. 
This assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:
Is the summary accurate? Was the music reaction with link included? (50%)
Is the writing clear and understandable (25%)
Is the writing up to formal academic standards? This includes proper use of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, attribution, etc. (25%)
the file:
A example
the textbook

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World music:Read chapter (45p) and summary & listening response
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