WK3 4206 Diss

Play and the Environment   As you have been learning, settings rich in opportunities for play support toddler development and learning. In this Discussion, you will have an opportunity to view, analyze, and discuss how play is supported during a scene filmed in a toddler setting.   To prepare for this Discussion, view the media program “Supporting Toddler Play.”  Note: This video segment may seem short and simple; however, it contains rich interactions supportive of children’s development and learning. As you view, keep in mind that the caregiver has an ongoing relationship with the children and his actions are shaped by an awareness of what has preceded this moment. While you may not fully understand the interactions from the perspectives of the caregiver, the scene should help you to generate questions and insights about supporting toddler play.   As you view the toddler-caregiver scene, think about the following questions:    •What is happening in the scene you are viewing?   •What do you notice about the children?   •What do you notice about the role of the caregiver?   •What opportunities for play did you observe?   •How did the environment (including physical and human factors) facilitate play?   •How are children’s interactions with the environment supported? By Day 3:  Post your thoughts with regard to how play was supported, along with any additional suggestions you would make in order to facilitate play during this interaction.

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WK3 4206 Diss
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