WK 2 Dis 2 Response use 100 word

What is unique about your peers’ selected study? How do the study findings contribute to the areas of anatomy and physiology or to your personal life and career?

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WK 2 Dis 2 Response use 100 word
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The skeletal and muscular system plays a substantial role in the body for stability, movement, and maintaining posture. The skeletal system provides support and shape to the body. It also serves as a protective shield to vital organs in the body such as the brain, the spinal cord, and the heart. It provides movement by providing structure for the muscles in the body. The main function of the muscular system is movement and it also maintains good posture and body position.

The main function of the hand is to be able to physically grasp anything that the body needs to perform its daily functions or activities such as in feeding, working, social activities, or even making the environment beautiful through modification.  The skeleton of the hand is composed of five osteo-articular chains of connections for the fingers and thumb; and there are two groups of muscles: intrinsic muscles located in the hand, which are responsible for grasping and action coordination and extrinsic muscles in the forearm dedicated strength and large range of motions. The purpose of the study is to inquire about the insufficiency of the hand muscles electromyographically. In this study the activities of the hand flexors and extensors were assessed with through a recording of the electrical activity of the muscle tissues and it was recorded that there was a reduced activity when flexion the end-phalanges and this was caused by passive muscular insufficiency.

The research is a study that applies to my daily live in the sense that, I use my hand everyday because it is an important part of our body that help me to go through my daily activities and it is also very important to know how the fingers and the thumb, which plays a crucial role in prehension works to coordinate with the fingers. The research is also important to show the way muscular insufficiency is essential for understanding the study of the human skeleton in relationship to the hand.


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