Windshield Survey: Overview

Keyes, California is a census-designated town in Stanislaus County. Keyes is located off Highway 99 in the California Central Valley. This small town is unknown to many due to its 2. 8 mile radius (“City data”). Numerous health concerns plague this small town due to its size and population. A windshield survey and internet research provides information on the people, the land, and the health of those living in this small community. The People According to the 2010 census, Keyes has a population of 5,601 residents with a 50/50 male to female ratio (“City data”).
The median age of these residents is 29. 5 years old. The majority of the Keyes population has a household annual income of $29,943 for a family of 4. Annual income is just above or right at the poverty line. In 2011 it was recorded that 32. 1% of the population was living in poverty. A staggering 12. 9% of Keyes residents are unemployed as of July 2013. About 18% of Keyes residents work in construction, agriculture, or retail. Keyes is a predominately Hipic community accounting for 60. 9% of its residents.
Whites average 34. 3% of the population followed by 2% Asian and 0.4% Black. The residents of Keyes are 54% Catholic in faith followed by 5% Baptist and 5% Mormon. Keyes lacks a municipal government but is a part of Stanislaus County (“City data”). The Land Keyes, California is located between Ceres and Turlock off Highway 99. The town’s appearance is unattractive at first look. No landscaping or sidewalks are provided in most of the community. The majority of homes are enclosed by a fence and most do not have a driveway. Although the homes are aged and tattered, many of them have nice yards with minimal refuse.

Homes in this location were built in the 1980’s. The average price of a home located in Keyes, Ca is $89,952 (“Zillow”). Few people were out walking in the community. The residents of Keyes had a wide range of dogs in almost every yard. A large park is located in the eastern part of the town. Hatch Park has a walking path and a playground for children. The park is relatively new, according to its residents. Safety does not appear to be an issue before dark. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, although, it is not patrolled by police.
There is no police department located in Keyes. Stanislaus county sheriff responds to calls for this small town. The fire department is located in the southern end of the city. According to Paramedic Rhodes of the Keyes Fire Department, there are an average of 20 calls per week 85% being medical, 10% motor vehicle accidents, and 5% fire. Most medical transports are sent to Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock located 5 miles southeast of the town. There are no doctors offices or urgent care’s located within Keyes. There are no pharmacies or dentists located in the immediate area.
Neighboring cities have these services within five to eight miles. Stanislaus Regional Transport (START) provides bus services to Keyes (“Stanislaus regional transport”). There are four bus stops in Keyes all located near the freeway and the schools. The buses stop about every two hours from 5 am to 9 pm (“Stanislaus regional transport”). The bus stops had several people waiting and appeared to be used in the community by various age groups. There is a local post office with P. O. Boxes. Keyes does not have a postman to deliver mail to individual homes (“USPS”).
Stores located in this little community consist of two convince stores and one grocery store consisting of a limited supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. The nearest full service grocery store and pharmacy are located 3. 8 miles away in Turlock, California (“Google maps”). No chain fast food restaurants were note during the survey however there are several taco trucks located in the area. Minimal businesses are present. Local businesses consist of construction companies of various sorts. Schools are present in this community. The local Elementary school teach students years K-8.
Keyes to Learning Charter School instructs students K-12. The Stanislaus County Library has a branch located in Keyes for students of all ages. The Health Overall health is a concern in this community. No access to medical, dental, or pharmacies directly affects these residents. Locals may have access to healthcare but they may not have access to transportation to and from doctors appointments in neighboring cities. Low socioeconomic status prevents many from seeking necessary treatment for medical conditions. The inability to pay for prescribed medication can lead to worsening health conditions.
Limited access to a full service grocery store can limit the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed by these residents. In Stanislaus County the rate of diabetes is 1. 6% greater than the California average and the rate of obesity is 6. 7% greater (“City data”). Diet and exercise plays a role in these statistics. Although there is a local park it is not widely used. A sedentary lifestyle is common in this community. It is concerning to have such high incidents of obesity and diabetes in a town where the average householder is younger than 30 years old.
A large percentage of the community is considered vulnerable (“Cdc”). The community health status indicators displays that Stanislaus County has a large vulnerable population. A vulnerable population includes 39% of individuals without a high school diploma and a 12. 9% unemployment rate. The county has a total of 23,378 people diagnosed with major depression and 38,337 involved with drug use in the last month (“Cdc”). Many other factors are affecting this town’s health including; smoking associated heart disease, cancer and respiratory illnesses (“Cdc”).
As a goal, Healthy people 2020 is seeking to improve maternal, infant, and child health. Education is a crucial aspect in improving health in all stages of life. Mothers who are educated about their health and the health of their families can in turn make choices that can positively affect their families future. Nurses in the community could arrange classes at the local schools after hours to provide education on diet, exercise, and disease prevention. These classes could be taught in English and Spanish to better meet the needs of the community.
Keyes, California is a small community with no access to many basic needs. The health of the community is deteriorating due to the lack of proper nutrition and healthcare. This town is living at or below the poverty line. The needs of the community outweigh the resources made available by Stanislaus County. More research should be conducted within the central valley to determine the needs of this vulnerable population. Keyes can become a healthier place to live in the future with help from the surrounding cities, local governments, and healthcare providers.

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Windshield Survey: Overview
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