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Please read carefully, write a kind of White Paper known as a “Backgrounder” to supplement a new product launch (see pp. 103-118 in White Papers for Dummies). All needed documents is attached. please follow the instructions, the sample papers, book instructions and the grading rubric.  
To write your White Paper you will need to do the following things: 
● Choose an appropriate product or service about which to write the White Paper and that topic is subject to my final approval. 
● Research your intended readers (see p. 111 in White Papers for Dummies)
● Focus on the purpose of your backgrounder (supplement a product launch)
● List the key features of the product or service
● List the key benefits of each if those features
● Write a call to action at the end (see p. 112 of White Papers for Dummies)
● Your White Paper should have a clear title that indicates the product or service (see p. 116). 
● Simple photograph(s) or graphic(s) should accompany your White Paper when necessary, depending on the product or service, to make it as clear as possible.  
● Your White Paper should contain numerical data, examples, expert testimony and visual evidence (your sources are already inside the company or on company site(s)).
● Divide the White Paper into three main sections: front matter (cover page), main body (the introduction, features and benefits) and back matter (brief set of conclusions, call to action, brief section about the company) (see pages 114-116).
● Write persuasively about the product or service without selling it.
● Keep your writing spare and concise: strike a balance between wordiness and too little information.
I will provide you with model Backgrounder White Papers written by professionals. You may wish to explore online to find other good samples of Backgrounders.  You are free to use online models of clearly written White Papers.  Be careful not to plagiarize from any models that you use.  Also be sure to properly cite your sources using MLA format.

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