What is the purpose of the agency?

The purpose of the Arizona Medical Board is “to protect public safety through the judicious licensing, regulation and education of all allopathic physicians” (Arizona Medical Board, 2013). This means that the physicians in Arizona are monitored by the Medical Board for the sole purpose of protecting the public. What services does the agency perform? The Board is responsible for investigating patient complaints against physicians and when appropriate, taking disciplinary action against their licenses.
This means that if a patient has a complaint about a specific doctor or a medical facility, the Board will review the complaint and then investigate the situation. Appropriate discipline will be administered, ranging from practice restrictions to revocation of their licenses. How does the agency maintain the integrity of the profession? The agency maintains the integrity of allopathic physicians (MD) by making sure their practices are ethical and safe. They pay attention to any complaints that are made, and they investigate them to the best of their ability.
They make sure that the physicians are not risking or causing harm to themselves, their patients, or their practices. If or when the Board gets wind of a problem with a physician or facility, they waste no time before they investigate. Whom does the agency support? The agency supports the public. Their main focus is making sure that the public has access to competent health care professionals that are capable of providing safe, effective services to their patients. Identify education, licensure, or certification requirements.

Physicians who have graduated from an approved medical school are required to have one year of training in an approved hospital internship, residency or fellowship program. Physicians who have graduated from an unapproved medical school are required to have 3 years of training in an approved hospital internship, residency or fellowship program. Physicians are required to complete 40 credit hours of Continued Medical Education during the two calendar years preceding biennial renewal.
To become bored certified, a physician must take and pass an oral and written examination given by the American Board of Medical Specialties in a particular field of expertise or specialty. The Arizona Medical Board does not automatically give a license to a physician just because they have a license in a different state. They are still required to become licensed in Arizona (Arizona Medical Board, 2013).

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What is the purpose of the agency?
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