Week 4, Midweek Assignment:  Your State’s Courts
Important information for the working paralegal to have nearby is referencing data on any and all courts pertinent to one’s jurisdiction and/or legal specialty. At the very least, one should have the contact information and clerk of court’s name handy for the local city/county court, as well as the appropriate federal and state district courts. It’s also good to know your intermediate and supreme appellate level state courts and courts of limited jurisdiction such as those for traffic, probate, and juvenile or domestic relations.
Utilize the Internet to locate information regarding courts in your state and to answer the following questions [make sure to include the site(s) in your response]:

What information is available about the courts in your state?
Make a list of the courts and note the types of information available about them. For example, are the addresses, telephone numbers, and the judges’ names provided?
Do trial courts and appellate courts have their own Web sites?
Are the courts’ rules and calendars available online?
Can you file any documents with the courts online?
Can you access the opinions of the courts in your state over the Internet?

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