Week 5 Discussion

The content we covered this week touched on many key aspects of diversity in North America during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. We also explored a new conceptualization of colonial society from the Bronski reading. Finally, we worked on understanding and empathizing with the horrible experiences lived by people kidnapped from Africa.
Take time to reflected on all of this information and allow yourself time to reflect.
After you have done so, provide two summaries/passages (one from the Bronski reading, and one relating the materials we covered about slavery–whether the film, the visualization, or the readings) and then provide your response/reactions to that passage. This should look very similar to what you have been doing in your reading logs. Take time to be detailed, specific, and clear about the context of the materials you select and your own points. Also, include Chicago style citation as well.

  Schaller, Chap. 4 :

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Week 5 Discussion
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