Week 5 Assignment

Now address the additional topics below to complete your WAL-MART marketing plan. Again, reference our example and the identified text chapters for additional context. 3-4 Pages

•Segmentation approach and rationale ◦e.g., Demographic, geodemographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc.   

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Week 5 Assignment
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•Target market(s) description   

•Positioning statement   

•Marketing mix details ◦Address each “P” (product, place, price, promotion) of the marketing mix separately and explain your choices. This is the heart of your plan.

•Success metrics ◦Discuss at least 3 metrics you might analyze to evaluate the success of your plan.   

•International considerations 
◦Identify at least 3 business or sociocultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market. 

◦Summarize your plan and why it deserves to be funded. 


Text chapters to reference…  
•SWOT: 2.1, 8.1, 9.2 ◦Remember, strengths and weaknesses relate to factors within your brand’s control; opportunities and threats relate to factors outside that control. •Segmentation approaches: 7.3 
•Targeting: 7.3 
•Positioning: 6.1, 7.3 
•Marketing Mix, Product: 4 
•Marketing Mix, Place: 5 •
Marketing Mix, Price: 6 
•Marketing Mix, Promotion: 7 
•Success metrics: 9.4 
•International considerations: 8.5


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