Week 3 DQ Phrs n Phils

Throughout this course, you have been learning about the ways that people and politics throughout history have impacted educational philosophies and theory. This week, you have been studying four educators whose thinking was not necessarily in sync with the “politics of the day” but whose work focused on the challenge of creating environments that fostered learning. Think about their ideas and then click on the link below to read two descriptions that represent current thinking with regard to environments that promote children’s healthy development and learning.

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Week 3 DQ Phrs n Phils
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As an education professional, you have begun to engage in the ongoing process of formulating and reflecting on your philosophy of education. Your philosophy of education directly affects the environment that you will create for the children and families with whom you work.


For this Discussion, consider what you have learned about the ways in which environments, materials, and practices can foster children’s healthy development and learning.


By Day 3:

Post two insights and/or ideas that you gained from your coursework this week that you believe are integral to creating an environment that fosters learning, and explain how these ideas are in sync with your philosophy of teaching and learning. Cite your ideas or insights, and explain if, in any way, current politics have affected your thinking.


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