Week 3 Appliaction


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Week 3 Appliaction
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Learning Resources

Required Resources

  • Course Text: Literature and the Child
    • Chapter 11, “Literature-based Instruction: Kindergarten through Third Grade,” pp. 341–342 (begin with “Reading Aloud”)
    • Chapter 2, “Literature in the Lives of Young Readers”
    • Chapter 3, “Picturebooks: A Unique Format in Children’s Literature”
  • For this week’s assignments, read:
  • Article: America Reads at Bank Street College of Education. (1997). Hints on how to read aloud to a group. Retrieved from http://www.readingrockets.org/article/60?theme=print
    Used by permission of Bank Street College of Education.
  • Excerpt: Trelease, J. (2001). Read-aloud do’s and don’ts. In The read-aloud handbook. New York: Penguin Books.
    Used by permission of James Trelease.

Application: Annotated Bibliography and Quality Checklist

Part 2: Picture Books

This week, you learned about the characteristics and qualities of picture books for both younger and older children. You also engaged in and evaluated a read-aloud experience with picture books. Based on what you have learned about this delightful genre, you will continue to add to both your Annotated Booklist and Quality Checklist.

Annotated Booklist

This week, you will read and annotate at least five picture books to add to your Annotated Booklist. Before choosing the books, evaluate each book against the quality guidelines, including the quality of the text, the quality of the art, the overall design, as well as appropriateness for the intended age level of its audience. Feel free to use the books that you chose for your read-aloud, as long as they exemplify the standards for quality children’s literature.

Quality Checklist

Based on what you have learned about picture books this week, add at least five new entries to the “Characteristics of quality picture books” section of your Quality Checklist. Make sure to describe the characteristics in your own words. Based on what you have learned in the first two weeks of this course, add five new entries to the “Characteristics of quality culturally diverse literature” section of your Quality Checklist.

Submittal Instructions

This week, you can submit your Week 1 & Week 2 Annotated Booklist and Quality Checklist for the instructor’s non-graded review. 
Be sure to read the Application assignments for Weeks 1 & 2 as to which genre of books will be listed on your Annotated Booklist.

Submit the Quality Checklist assignment by Day 7 of this week.

Submit the Annotated Booklist assignment by Day 7 of this week


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