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Here I attached two file. First one is poem file. In this file you can choose any poem whatever you like..

Second one is format file….in this file you can see how to make proper format and how to write it.


Even I explain Format here.  How to make it


1)      Choose any one poem from attachment and put the title.


2)      Make a poem in your own words means (imitate). Give the title my poem I imitated and poem title. This poem must be in your own word it should not copy with others.


Give title



3)      Give all five question answer in brief in your words regarding poems.

Poetry Writing Analysis

In a well-crafted essay of three to four pages (excluding the pages on which your own poem and the poem you are working with are placed), refer to our lecture and consider the following questions.

1.      Does your poem extend or argue with the tradition of the poem you selected to imitate?

2.      What relationship to historical context does your primary poem bear?

3.      What relationship to historical context does your own poem bear? 

4.      What is the role your reader plays as a participant in creating the poem’s meaning?

5.      Look at William Wordsworth’s Preface to the Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads, particularly his concept of “the overflow of powerful emotion…recollected in tranquility” compared to T. S. Eliot’s Tradition and the Individual Talent, in which he rejects emotion: “It is neither emotion, nor recollection, nor, without distortion of meaning, tranquility” from which poetry is crafted. (These essays are online and easily found.)




This assignment asks you to understand the lecture material fully. You may wish to read Wordsworth’s essay, Preface to the Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads and T. S. Eliot’s Tradition and the Individual Talent on your own. Both essays are available online. It is recommended that you not conduct research outside of your text and the essays mentioned above, and that all sources used must be scrupulously cited in APA format. 




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