Web Analytics

1. Clickstream Data:  
(A) What is the value of  analyzing clickstream data?  What does it tell us?  What doesn’t it  tell us? In your own words, explain how metrics, KPIs & dimensions  are related.  Why do you think most reports include both metrics AND  dimensions?
(B) Please analyze the  following dataset.  What questions do you have?  What context do you  need?  Do you think the increase in sessions between September and  October was good or bad? What might explain such a low average  pages/session metric, but high session duration? 
Note: When responding to  your peers’ discussion posts this week, please pay close attention to  your analyses from question #3.  In this case, the data could be  interpreted a number of different ways depending on the assumptions you  make regarding the context, so take some time to consider and evaluate  the different approaches of your peers.  There’s no “right” answer, but  there are a number of questions this dataset should elicit.  Think  critically and fun using the data to tell a story.
    Sep-15 Oct-15   Sessions 113,112 200,000   Average Pages/Session 1.5 1.5   Average Session Duration 5:09 8:02   Bounce Rate 80% 82%   Goal Conversion Rate 2.30% 1.90% 

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Web Analytics
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