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Required Resources


  • Course Text: Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education

    Note: For each chapter, read the designated sections up to “Educational Approaches”
    • Chapter 4, “Intellectual Disabilities” (pp. 132–1 47)
    • Chapter 5, “Learning Disabilities” (pp. 172–179, 181–182, 184–192)
    • Chapter 6, “Emotional or Behavioral Disorders” (pp. 213–2 21, 224–233)
    • Chapter 7, “Autism Spectrum Disorders” (pp. 257–265, 268–2 71)
    • Chapter 8, “Communication Disorders” (pp. 297–3 14)


Optional Readings and Resources:


  • American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities









Challenging Myths and Stereotypes

Children with special needs have been subjected to numerous stereotypes, assumptions, and generalizations over the years—the label “mentally retarded” being one of these. Review “The Evolving Definition of Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disabilities” (pp. 135–136) from your course textand consider the following:


  • What you have learned about the use of labels
  • The evolving definition of mental retardation/intellectual disabilities
  • The current debate over both the definition and terminology associated with this category of special needs


By Day 3:

Based on what you have been learning in the course and the material that you have read, Post the following:

  • Whether you believe the term “mental retardation” should be changed to the term “intellectual disabilities,” and why.
  • Any terms, stereotypes, myths, and/or generalizations that you have become aware of thus far in this course, and how your future work as an child development professional can help to dispel harmful misconceptions.





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