Vodafone’s Advertisement Campaign In India

The vodafone advertisement becomes very nice especially in India. Previously it was a hutch phone. The hutch phone advertisement was linked with the pet dog. The same concept was taken by the vodafone also to tell that it is same product. Really it was reached to the public with nice and joy ness. And most of public enjoyed and enjoying with the advertisements of Vodafone. Vodafone has chosen the media such as TV and signboards and glow signs. It also gave a caption “Hutch is now Vodafone”.
The strategy is used by vodafone become beautiful. Now most of the people forgetting the hutch phone. It indicates that vodafone target is completed as it was reached to the public and public aware with the vodafone. All the Star Network Channels the Vodafone’s advertisement has been released. It should be remembered that vodafone symbol is different but it used the pet dog in order to get the awareness of the public that hutch phone is turning as vodafone.
That’s why they have used the dog and replaced with another new pet dog so that similarity should be visible between hutch and vodafone. Vodafone is a big mobile network. It has it own brand image. Still the company should not want to take any chance and taking all opportunities of old company’s styles so that old customers should not feel and new customers should be encouraged. The dog seems to be very beautiful. And the color and background is impressing.

Totally the advertisement becomes top rating. Previously the hutch issued series of advertisements connected with the dog. The Vodafone is also applying same strategy so that public should not be disturbed and they should think the hutch and voda both are same.
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Vodafone’s Advertisement Campaign In India
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