Vivendi Corp Case Study

The intense competition in particular market drives corporations to examine their strategies and effectiveness regularly. Each company has its own business characteristic, which certain policy is suitable fit for a company while others could be unacceptable. Several conditions that prompt the differentiation treatment among different company are nature of the business, workers learning and development mentality, top level manager vision, dynamics market condition, and competitor business strategy, to name a few.
Regardless the strategies that a company takes, from investors or outsiders’ point of view, the company’s financial performance is the most important thing since they already invest some money in the company by buying a number of shares from stock market and undoubtedly expect significant gains. Under such circumstances, the investors would assess in much details regarding the corporate current performance and possible future conditions. Concerning the corporate strategies and financial performance, this paper will discuss about a French conglomerate, Vivendi Corporation (previously Generale des Eaux/GCE).
The discussion will focus on SWOT Analysis, strategic alternatives, and financial analysis. The discussion on Vivendi Corporation is interesting since the over 100-year company has experienced a significant challenge within the past three decades under two different leaders –Guy Dejouany and Jean-Marrie Messier. The different occurs especially in managing the corporate strategic actions like diversification, global expansion, and focus on core competences. Also read Sunbeam corporation case study

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Vivendi Corp Case Study
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