Visual Aid Speech #3

Your assignment will be to submit a formal or speaking Visual Aid Speech outline informing the audience about a topic of your choice. Refer to the Speech #3 WDW Sample Outline Word doc or Sample Outline Speeches PDF file as a template. Select a topic with visual aids in mind. Within the outline insert the various types of visuals you would introduce to reinforce your subject matter: objects, models, drawings, pictures, posterboard, graph, video clips, slides, etc. Be specific. (EXAMPLE: picture of George Washington, model of Sears Tower, a Picasso sculpture, a Leonardo drawing, slide of Mt. Rushmore, graph of COVID-19 increase, video clip of WDW’s Pirates of Caribbean ride, etc). Every main point should have a minimum of 1 visual aid. Be sure to incorporate the following items within your outline:

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Visual Aid Speech #3
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1. Topic Title

2. The General Purpose, Specific Purpose and Central Idea of your presentation

3. The Introduction: Incorporate the 4 major speech functions

4. The Body – indicate the main points, sub-points with appropriate description of visual aids

5. The Conclusion – utilize the 2 major speech functions within conclusion

Again, this is a formal or speaking outline that should comprise 1 – 2 pages in length. DO NOT WRITE OUT ENTIRE SPEECH. A number of speech ideas are highlighted in paragraph 2 of the Informative Speech with Visual Aids PDF file packet.


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