Briefly describe the history of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the policies it called for. What’s good about NAFTA? What’s bad about NAFTA?
Speaker Denise Froning is from the Heritage Foundation. What type of organization is the Heritage Foundation? Is it considered a “liberal” or a “conservative” institution? Summarize her views of the NAFTA deal. How do her views of NAFTA align with the policies of the Heritage Foundation?
What types of policies and changes were called for by Republicans when they won the House of Representatives in 1994? (These policies were often called the “Contract with America,” which you can see as the backdrop in some of the footage shown) Were Newt Gingrich’s plans enacted into law?
What changes were made in Clinton’s “Welfare to Work” program? How did conservatives view previous government initiatives such as affirmative action and anti-poverty programs?                
What is the WTO? Why do we see people protesting at WTO meetings? What issues are the protestors (and other Americans) concerned about when it comes to globalization ?
How is globalization similar to imperialism?

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