“Victim, Creator, and Growth”

  ****DUE IN 8 HRS****

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“Victim, Creator, and Growth”
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Victim/creator Quiz: https://content.grantham.edu/academics/GU_GU101/lecture_w3.htm

Interpretation of victim/creator quiz results

In a paragraph of 125 words, share your results from the victim vs. creator assessment. Given these results, explain what that means about you and how you are likely to react in the face of a challenging situation. Why is your reaction important in a university setting? 

Summary of Growth Mindset article 

First, access our online library (EBSCOhost). In the search box, type Dweck growth mindset. Select one of the articles to read and be sure to record the title of the article, author(s) and source. Second, summarize the main points of the article. Here is how you write a summary: after you read one paragraph, stop and jot down the “take away” point from that passage. Then go on to the next paragraph. You must use your own words, you cannot copy the author’s wording. If your article is composed of 32 paragraphs, your summary will consist of 32 sentences. 

Compare victim/creator with growth/fixed mindsets 

In another paragraph of at least 125 words, compare the victim/creator quiz results and the growth mindsets, using your own words and examples. How are they similar, and how do they differ? 

Discuss searches for sources

You searched EBSCOhost for an article on Dweck’s growth mindset. Discuss the results of this search – how did you limit the search, how many sources did you find, and what kinds of sources were they? 



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