Values Assignment

Our decisions are affected by what WE value.  Sometimes people make different decisions because they value different things.  This activity will ask you to reflect on your values and how you spend your time.  Then, you will be asked to reflect on whether you are spending your time according to your values.  Lastly, you’ll be asked to write a brief story about a time you exhibited one of the traits you most value.
Complete this assignment directly in the document provided.  To do so, “right click” on the attached file.  Choose to “save target as” and save it somewhere on your computer.  Then open this document and type your answers directly in this document.  Make sure you save it with your answers and close out; then get back in the modules and click on the Values Assignment in the Values Folder. Click ‘Submit Assignment,’ browse your computer to attach a file and submit your completed file here.  Do NOT send your completed assignment as an attachment to a message or an e-mail.  

Please make sure this assignment is ready to be submitted, add my name to it as well (Dareen Haddad)
make sure to fill up everything as required please!

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Values Assignment
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