Using Authentic Texts (Student Profile)

Read Chapter 5: Using Authentic Texts to Learn New Words and Develop Fluency (pp. 58-81).

You might also want to read the following recommended resources:

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Using Authentic Texts (Student Profile)
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Teaching flexibly with leveled texts: More power for your reading block (Links to an external site.).

Hooking struggling readers: Using books they can and want to read (Links to an external site.).

Explore this repository entitled “Choosing and Using Kids’ Books (Links to an external site.).

Using the student profile you developed in Discussion Forum #3 for this week, create a one-on-one literacy lesson for this student. (see below)

In a four- to five-page paper (not including title and reference pages) with proper APA formatting and citations, include the following components:

A summary of the student profile. (You may want to revise this based on feedback from your peers and/or instructor.)
(see below)

A description of the literacy lesson, which will include objectives, an authentic trade book, at least one activity related to the text, and an assessment.

An explanation of how your literacy lesson supports the learning of reading for the specific student.

Profile: Student Profile
Student name: Giovani Alex
Gender: Male
Grade: 1st grade
Giovani Alex enjoys reading book in which he has followed along with his teacher and or peers. He is reliant to the visual cues and patterns. He studies a book and remembers what the picture portrays Giovani also goes by the sound of the first letter and tries to remember the word, struggles with pronouncing the word. Giovani enjoys reading Paw Patrol and relies on pictures. He guesses the word and relies on clues throughout the pictures. He enjoys reading books with assistance and goes along with the story well. When picking out a good book he asks for someone to read to him.


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