United states syria intervention

Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Syria has gained independence in 1930, but always had political problems. The civil war that sparked in 2011 and continued in 2012, the war completely devastated the country. More than 45,000 people were believed to be killed, most of them probably civilians. By the end of 2012 a thousands more were Injured. About 470,000 Syrian refugees were registered with the United Nations to give civilians access to countries Like Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan, while thousands of other people cross the border without registration.
The united States government is practically bankrupt right now; the financial system is on the verge of a collapse. Ever since the military campaign “War on Terror” which started as a result of the September 11 attack. It was a military campaign to eliminate al-Qaeda. As of today this campaign Is still ongoing. From the beginning of the ‘War on Terror our national debt was under six billion dollars. Today It has increased to 14. 3 trillion dollars. That’s where the taxpayer moneys go. “Finally, there is also a strategic argument in favor of intervention.
The U. S. Has o strategic interests in Syria, but it does have them in nearly all of Syrians neighbors. Turkey is a NATO ally. ” – Kenneth M. Pollack. Pollack is stating that the U. S government really doesn’t reason to intervene there because they don’t have plans, they only wish to do an airstrips. History Intends to repeat Itself, This situation Is almost the same as the on Iraq. President Bush administered a “War on Terror”. President Bush believed that Iraq had biological weapons which proven to be false. Billions of taxpayer money has been wasted on the war.

Moreover, United States also wanted to establish democracy n Iraq. Democracy wasn’t around for long, instead riots started breaking out. Sunnis and Shiite militants attacked U. S troops. Then a civil war broke out between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Violence after Violence, I can predict the same fate for Syria too. I am not the only one who is opposed against this, most of our fellow Americans are too is against this, and only nine percent of Americans believes that united States should take military actions against Syria. With support like that no wonder Obama backed out of this.
Moreover, Syria poses no threat to us. So far no one has pointed out on how attacking Syria Is vital to the United States. The U. S military Job is to protect the security of United States, not to Intervene with other nations. Government. The United States don’t seem to be seeking out Sad. There is clearly no goal here. The United States is left open for another war, wasting more of the taxpayer’s money. All the taxpayers’ money can be used in our education system, or our NASA program. The government needs to spend our money more wisely. I also believe it is unacceptable to encourage more war. As far as I’m concerned, ar always means failure” – Jacques Circa. War solves nothing, leaders must find peaceful way to resolve their issues, and therefore war only brings pain and violence to people’s lives.

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United states syria intervention
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