Unit 4 Mini Project Criminal Justice Supervisor

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Unit 4 Mini Project Criminal Justice Supervisor
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Unit IV Article Critique



Access the following article in the ProQuest Criminal Justice Database located in the CSU Online Library: “Leading the Next Generation of Law Enforcement Through Emotional Intelligence” by Lt. Phlunte Riddle.


After reviewing the article, provide the following:


1. A brief introduction of the article, including information about the author.


2. Who are the baby boomers? Who makes up the Y Generation? How are the individuals entering the workforce different from the supervisors? Why is this important to know?


3. According to the article, emotional intelligence measures what four emotional competencies? What are the corresponding skills to each competency? Why are these so important?


4. Looking at Table 1 in the article, which leadership do you use most often? Provide at least two examples, using either a personal or professional experience, to support this.


5. Summarize California’s POST “Best Practices Update 2006, Recruitment and Retention.” Include the eight strategies required to best retain employees.


6. Discussion of the authors’ conclusions. Do you agree or disagree with him/her? Why?


Your critique should be at least four full pages in length, using APA formatting guidelines for title page, abstract, font, spacing, references, and citations.




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