Unit 2 ASAP

After reading Chapter 7 and White’s essay, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you agree or disagree with White’s ideas, and why. In preparation for writing a full critique of White’s essay, create a thesis statement that presents your evaluative position and anoutline that previews the elements of White’s argument you will discuss in detail in an effort to persuade the reader of your paper that your position is reasonable. (Keep in mind the key components of successful rhetoric as you compose your thesis statement.)

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Unit 2 ASAP
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When writing a critique, it is often best to begin with the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be focused on one of the criteria for a good argument:

Organize the paragraph by “____ does/does not meet _____ criteria.” For instance, an article attributing the cause of childhood obesity to fast food restaurants might succeed in meeting one of the criteria (showing that the problem exists), but fail in meeting another of the criteria (showing that fast food is the only or primary logical cause of the problem).

Discuss how the writer succeeds/fails/has mixed results in this particular area, and then prove that your assessment is valid by referring to specific passages and analyzing why these passages mean what you say they mean. To use the same example, the writer might have succeeded in providing evidence by using statistics from the CDC and WHO to document the rise in rates of obesity in children, but used fallacious reasoning by failing to take into consideration other causes of childhood obesity (sedentary lifestyle, genetic, and metabolic factors).

Once you have gone through these steps for all of the criteria that indicate proper argumentation, construct a thesis that reflects your overall findings. “Article X is a success/a failure/only a limited success because it achieves/fails to achieve/only partly achieves its aim to _____.”


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