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Select an organization and identify and evaluate the components of its Strategic Plan (i.e., Vision, Mission, Values, Core Competencies, Goals, Objectives, Action/Implementation Plan, Metrics, etc.) by answering the following questions:

• Does the plan convey an overall purpose and the desired results of the organization, and how to achieve those results?
• Does the Mission Statement clearly explain why the organization exists?• Does the Vision Statement describe where the organization is headed, what it intends to be, or how it wishes to be perceived in the future? Clear, concise, and memorable?•  Based on the content of the plan, do you think the plan has adequately considered the strategic environment?
•  Do the goals and objectives support the vision, mission, values, core competencies, etc.?
•  Is the plan understandable?
•  What are your other observations and reactions to the plan?  What do you like?  What could be improved?
You may evaluate a Strategic Plan of your choosing, such as the Strategic Plan of the organization you currently work for, or evaluate one of the following plans:

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Unit 12 Forum
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