Uniform of German SS Soldiers

Baggy, and they had high goth like boots except withut the buckles, andthere top had a swastika on one of the sleeves. The German uniforms varied in color and style. By Also on the tunic was Edelweiss Pirates an Iron Eagle Just above the left breast pocket. hey would gather together and act in a manner that they would know would anger the local Nazi leaders. Whereas the Nazi Party required Hitler Youth members to wear a uniform that was semi-military, Edelweiss members wore more bohemian lothing, knowing that it would anger the powers-that-be.
They also sang songs that the Nazis had banned and played music that was also banned, such as Jazz and blues tunes. They created areas within a town or city where members of the Hitler Youth were not tolerated. At no stage were they ever a danger to the Nazi regime and for years they were seen as nothing more than a youthful irritant – youths going through that phase in their lives where rebellion (as they perceived it) was the order of the day. ey also offered a way of life outside of the strangulating Nazi regime.
Between 1936 and September 1939, the Nazi authorities saw the Edelweiss Pirates as little more than a small-scale irritant. However, attitudes changed during World War Two when the authorities believed that the Edelweiss Pirates were responsible for collecting British anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets dropped by Bomber Command at the start of the war and posting them through letterboxes. This was seen as being more than Just an irritation; it was classed as blatant subversion.

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Uniform of German SS Soldiers
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