Underwear as Outerwear

According to Vivienne Westwood,a Queen of Punk, “Fashion is about eventually becoming naked”. She is a designer of punk rock and new wave, and the most influential British fashion designer of the late 20th century. To be specific, Vivienne Westwood reinvention’s collections, Madonna has influenced by her underwear as outerwear’s idea, she is the first singer who began to wear a corset-style top for her world tour concert. As a result, it has influenced many famous singers, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.
This trend became the today’s mainstream fashion. Thus, underwear as outerwear has changed an aspect of the women’s dressing in these day. Before the underwear as outerwear trend, Westwood shocked people by bringing punk culture to the British fashion’s mainstream. She made the most of British teenagers dressing in punk style. It was a phenomenon of punk on the streets of London. In 1980, the punk movement faded, Westwood started searching the history information for her new collection herself.
She introduced the Buffalo Girls collection, this collection was inspired by Peruvian women which was her research. She combined traditional tailoring with her brilliant idea to create petticoats, bowler hats worn with head scarves, featuring layered skirts and adapting bras worn over blouses. It was a beginning of underwear as outerwear’s style. The corset was transformed to one of power and sexual freedom for women. Many well-known celebrities, film-stars and signers have worn the corset-style which has been influenced by Vivienne Westwood’s design.

Also, a lot of famous designers have been inspired by this idea for their collections to show on the runway. If Westwood had not invented underwear as outerwear’s idea, it would never existed in fashion world. For this reason, it makes women feel more positive and confident to wear. Moreover, underwear as outerwear became Westwood’s signature over her all design. Vivienne Westwood is irony fashion designer, and she does not only sell the clothing style but what she offers is the attitude on her design.
Particularly, corset is the Victorian upper class women’s underwear that holds the waist and the chest. It was cancelled because it was seen as a symbol of sexual oppression. Westwood solved it by modern sewing with stretch fabric for comfort and converted to wear on both sides. Therefore, her underwear as outerwear style is a variant that conveys to confidence of women who wear, it makes women look both sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Westwood had changed the image of corset coupled with the way women dress forever.

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Underwear as Outerwear
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