Travel Agency Management

{draw:frame} TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT HTM 1213 COURSE WORK INTRODUCTION {draw:g} MY COMPANY NAME: LOVE TOUR COMPANY SDN. BHD *SHARE HOLDER: 30% OF *BUMIPUTRA (MOHAMAND ALIZAH) TOTAL CAPITAL: RM 300,000 LOCATION: PLAZA 393 *EMPLOYEE: TOTAL* 5 PEOPLE OFFICE SPACE: 200sq LOGO DESIGN *Reasons for the above design*: Red colou*r is love, passion. This color is very shinning and striking can attract customer. * And can boost our energy. *Red is my favorite colo*u*r*. *R*epresent we give customer a good professional service ,a nice caring and friendly tour guide service. draw:frame} Reasons of Why I Choose This Location Shopping square the place for a recreation, when busy within, have any incident go, think surplus thing as people. The shopping plaza is that one lets people slow down the step, the relaxed and good time of leisure temporarily. I choose in the reason of the shopping plaza is people have information of paying attention to the travel society on the way when going shopping. There are many convenient in the shopping plaza. There is Teller-Stella, there are security personnel, and crowds are numerous too.
Whenever Sunday, a family is will choose to go to shopping square as their good time for recreation even more when will come out to go shopping. These customers group can attract at this moment. My major customers are students and the family is the main fact. The crowd in shopping square are students and the family mostly, and the potential customer who I want to look for. Products that tourist corporation of me introduce unique with ultralow price products and extra prize that buy one get one free that trivial RM200 can travel abroad too as the main fact.
The red signboard by the products of our company will be attracted with when people come to shopping. I will select my company office in the center of shop of the middle of the first floor. All are famous of brand companies in the ground floor. In this way sight so famous-brand company or some mega-store those Focus Club of customer. Select to avoid losing more competitors on the first floor. The first floor is easier to attract to like going shopping generally, stroll around to the students of the dress boutique it with parents’ customer.

The cheap ground floor too of rental upstairs is numerous generally. There are a lot of facilities on shopping square, for example: The market offers ATM, have security personnel, more parking stalls. The convenient parking stall will let the customer like to come to the company personally too. The place where it is very inconvenient to choose one and park, the traffic is crowded, very far away and remote place of car park, the customer will not want to come over to the company often.
Shopping have some insurance company too, bank, let staff working facility of company of me, like the customer buys the tourist insurance, the company can cooperate with neighboring insurance company. We can offer service of buying tourist insurance on behalf. {draw:frame} {draw:frame} LOVE TOUR PROMOTION PACKAGER LOCAL Package (Full Board) 3day 2 nights *LANGKAWI* package *From *RM *1*99/per pax Include 3 star accommodations and transport and 5 meal. Day 1: drive bus to LANGKAWI Day3: full day tour 3day2night Bali Family Package
Day 01: Transfer in to hotel, then hotel dinner Day 02: Full Day Tour, tour visit: Barong Dance of Batubulan, Galuh Batik Factory, Holy spring water of Tampak Siring, Mount Batur of Kintamani, Sukawati Art Market shopping centre. Lunch & Dinner at local restaurant Day 03: Breakfast at hotel, transfer out to airport Reason This area location is a low income of family and small middle class family. So, the package can’t design a high standard of tour packager. The tour budget accord with low income family. LOVE TOUR OFFICE DECOR (200sq) {draw:g} {draw:frame} DECOR DETAIL
At sale and reservation ticket counter station, have two table, chair and customers chair. Table color is white color. Officer chair is black color. Customer chair is red color. Staff provides information on tour highlight, pricing, flight details etc. At behind office site, have a safe box and printer and three database cases. This can prevent thief. The mirror is installed on the wall, can make the office seem more spacious. {draw:g} {draw:frame} {draw:g} {draw:g} {draw:frame} Organization Structure of Love Tour Company Organization Chart {draw:frame} The Company Has Five Employees:
Two employees work in sales and plan the tour operation. One employee coordinates scheduling and reservations; One employee performs HR, billing, and office management duties; Another individual owns the company and serves as the owner. List of Qualities Sale executive Possesion of a Professional Certificate, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Property Development/Real Estate Management, Hospitality/Tourism/Hotel Management or equivalent is preferable.
Required language(s): Chinese, English At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. Preferably Senior Executives specializing in Hotel Management/Tourism Services or equivalent. Job role in Hotel Manager or Travel Coordinator/Agent. 1 Full-Time positions available. Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status. Travel Consultants Minimum SPM Good command of English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia
Knowledge in airlines ticket reservation preferred. Diploma in Travel Tourism is an advantage. Computer literate. , Age below 30 years old. Accounting Full time, •must possess at least a Diploma or Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma in Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent • Female aged below 30 years & computer literate • Able to communicate in written & spoken Mandarin & English Requires an understanding of accounting and proficient in USB,MS Excel, database experience and GL entries.

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Travel Agency Management
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