traditional culture and population of Mongolian group


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traditional culture and population of Mongolian group
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The final essay enhances the learning objectives of the course as it aims to deepen each student’s knowledge of a cultural minority group they decide to research, which could be national minority or Indigenous group from another country. The paper develops an argument about how the group’s culture, ethnicity and identity can be maintained or revitalized in contemporary society through existing models, with a particular focus on linking those models to business practices and human rights. The paper will need to be 1,500-2,000 words (with references). The content of the paper must be at least 1,300 words (without references). The paper should answer the following question:

How does society benefit by understanding, respecting and promoting the culture, ethnicity and identity of the (group you have chosen)?

In answering this question, be sure to talk about: 

— The cultural particularities of that group that are valuable to maintain or revitalize for sustainable cultural, environmental and/or economic development?

— Connections to national and/or global declarations or agreements in regards to the group’s human rights (UNESCO, UNDRIP, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, etc)?

Critical thinking is vital for a good grade on the essay. This means the essay will provide meaningful and accurate history and context, it will link to academic literature as a way to make key points in the argument, and it will showcase original thought.


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