Topic Name: Why I write

Note: This topic is about academic writing/writing for academic publications  

Topic Name: Why I write
 important Criteria:
1- Coherence
2- Response to the question posed: Why   Write?
3- APA Format & Polish ( be sure to follow the academic writing guidelines as specified in the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  )

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Topic Name: Why I write
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4- Include the the references in a separate page (APA format

5- write from 1-2 pages only without the reference page ( you can write 1 and a half pages)

what to write about:
 discuss why you are interested in writing for publication course.  you could reflect on aspects of your professional background and how writing for publication aligns with and/or is a natural progression in your professional work.  You could discuss your interest in research( traffic engineering) , your specific areas of research interest, and possibly even outline a preliminary research study that you hope to complete. Another idea is to focus on some.   


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