To: Dr. Clover (Week 2 Second Response Needed)

The last step of the strategic management phase is the most crucial step to the strategies implemented in the plan (American InterContinental University [AIU], 2017). The evaluation of the strategies that have been implemented is vital because it is important to see how effective the tactics that have been taken are. This stage will allow you to identify and implement corrections.
 A hospital setting is a very delicate place to implement a strategic plan because of the nature of the services rendered and the people involved in the plan. Therefore, within the five-year plan, I would encourage for the plan to be reviewed every quarter of the year. This will ensure proper determination of the system and its pros and cons. The hospital setting is a 24-hour facility which will allow for enough data to be collected within the short period of time. Since a year has passed already, any data collected would be considered the baseline. Data for every three months would then be compared to the baseline to regulate how well the plan is working or if changes need to be made.
 The valuation and control process would be considered an appropriate approach for a healthcare organization that accentuate creativity. Especially in the healthcare organization it is always important to have control because of the nature of the field. Without control it can become chaotic and lives can be affected. Living in an innovative era, where technology is constantly changing creativity is a must. Control and creativity can work amongst each other as they will both balance each other for the success of the organization.
 A creative venture for an acute care hospital would include gathering partners around the community that would help and contribute their knowledge, their expertise and their wisdom to create equipment and procedures that will better assist the patients in a more efficient and effective manner. Ensuring the involvement of the different partners will be an innovative venture for the hospital because their will better, quicker machines and processes that will help increase customer care.
American InterContinental University. (2017). Steps of Strategic Planning [Multimedia presentation]. Retrieved from: American InterContinental

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To: Dr. Clover (Week 2 Second Response Needed)
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