Title Page American History

The American society is characterized by high level of civilization which has been achieved through great efforts by Americans as well as other very important parties that were involved in its formation. In this particular case, the European involvement as well as the involvement of Indian Americans is put into consideration. These two parties became involved in American society’s development before the year eighteen hundred where the Europeans started and Native Americans picked up from them.

The main area of concentration during this time was agriculture and the American society was shaped according to the available farming methods, technologies as well as the piece of land. AMERICAN HISTORY The Impact of Native Americans on the Development of American Society before 1800 Introduction From the time when Columbus arrived in America back in the year fourteen ninenty two until the present day, Native Americans have encountered oppression from white men. The land of Native Americans was invaded which forced them to settle in reservations.

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Title Page American History
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Native Americans were very annoyed and decided to begin war with the whites as a means of defending themselves as well as their land. This took place through Indian wars where whites considered Native Americans as being hostile. Despite the fact that Indian Territory as well as their reservations were taken over by the whites, Native Americans managed to send away tribes that had already inhabited the Northern American region. Native Americans were made to sign agreements with the American government but this government did not keep its side of covenant as the whites still continued to harass Native Americans.
(Beers, 2008) Ways in which Indians’ Presence Did Affect the Society Europeans Tried To Craft in America before 1800 during That Time Indian American forms part of the tragic casualty that was affected by imperial expansion. This first occurred through European nations which had tried to shape America as an agricultural land while a similar situation was also caused by US. The situation where American nation rose on Atlantic seaboard which was followed by a rapid expansion through the interior of Trans-Appalachian resulted to a radical change in the way American society perceived Indian.
This made American pioneers to get into the wilderness in a family-like organization while they had an agrarian based society. Americans took up the agrarian way of life from Indians whereby the whole family was required to provide labor in frontier farms owned by the particular families. Once the Americans had adopted the Indian agrarian methodology, they became independent. However, they later realized that they needed the land that belonged to Indians since their population had greatly expanded.
More so, there were several modifications in the nature of agricultural markets as well as technology which were different from the one that had been previously introduced by Europeans. (Beers, 2008) The impact that Native Americans particularly Indian Americans had on the American society were of great benefit to the Americans since they contributed to advancement of agricultural practices introduced earlier on by Europeans. New technology and expansive piece of land for agriculture was made available which could not have been the case if Americans did not have an encounter with Native Americans.
(Beers, 2008) Conclusion American history dates so many years ago and European involvement in shaping America is part of it. When Europe invaded American land and tried to rule over it, it had a great influence over its inhabitants. This was mainly through involvement in agricultural activities which Americans embraced. Later on, the shaping of American society continued where Indian Americans were involved. This group of people engaged themselves in more advanced ways of conducting agricultural activities which American society also borrowed from them.
The influence of Indian Americans on the American society was positive rather than an obstacle as it introduced new farming technologies as well as expansive pieces of farmland. Some analysts regard the whole process involving American society with European and with Indian Americans as civilization. The American society has portrayed signs of enlightenment and development from the series of engagement. (Beers, 2008) REFERENCES Beers H. (2008): Bibliographies in American history: guide to materials for research: New York, Octagon Books pp 38-42


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