Thought Responses

 Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.  

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Thought Responses
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Prompt 1:

When presenting information you should think about your audience to make sure they understand what you are going to be talking about. You want to make things simple to understand without overloading a bunch of text. You don’t want to have a presentation with people you don’t understand. You should do background on your audience to understand how they learn so you know how to present your information without repeating the same thing. Having a balance with documentation and visuals is important in presentations because you want to keep your audience focused and entertained during the whole thing. Keeping in mind that having too much documentation can seem boring to your audience and that having too much or too little graphs and charts can be too much to focus on, or not enough to understand why the graphs or charts are being used. If you do research and take notes on how to impress your audience you shouldn’t have a problem keeping them entertained. Making presentations doesn’t have to be as hard or complicated as some people make them out to be.

Prompt 2:

When giving a presentation the two most important things are first, analyze your audience members; be sure you are confronting your audience members’ needs and ensuring that you are presenting them in a way that is the most engaging and easy to retain. If the audience does not know about what you are presenting, it is very important that you yourself are educated, and that you can educate your audience. Second, gather and develop your information and ideas by identifying the key facts and conclusions related to your topic. One of the main objectives is to get support from the whole audience, so keep it simple. Your presentation should start off with a key take way, develop your message and keep that on topic throughout the presentation.

I’d just like to state that is very crucial to have an appropriate balance between documentation and visuals within a presentation. I would send out a report before hand; this not only makes you look organized, but it also allows your audience members to prepare for the presentation. This report should contain all the research you have done, such as the problem identified, caused of the problem, and the solutions. Visuals are proven to be more effective. Visuals such as PowerPoint to discuss critical points. These visuals help you persuade the audience of the identified solution.


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