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First thought

You didn’t speak about your native culture’s perspective on aging. Can you still observe and believe in many of cultural traditions from your country. Will you speak to that, are there any differences than the two cultures you selected? 

 Second thought………….

i want to gain input from others on how you would respond. What comes first ethically?  Or how should you respond considering the safety and health of the client? See scenario below:

A social worker has been called to visit the home of the DiTaranto family; a very traditional Italian family. Neighbors have reported that Nona has fallen in the house at least a dozen times in the past 6 months. Currently, Nona has bruises and a broken hip. It is apparent that she is not getting the help she needs living with her son and his wife, and the grandkids. However, the family will not allow Nona to leave the house. They say she belongs with them. Their perception of aging effects social work in that what they believe is right, is not the best situation for Nona. There is a great chance she will fall again and really get hurt.  Side Note: Coming from an Italian family myself, there is probably little chance of convincing the family to put Nona in a nursing home”


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