This health behavior assessment and modification project

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This health behavior assessment and modification project
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Read three separate scholarly journal articles that are pertinent to the behavior change you have selected(Regular diet). Current scholarly health journals that you might use for researching your area of interest are located on the third floor in the Pfau Library.

Write a summary/evaluation for each of the articles. Each typed summary/evaluation will be one page, single spaced and should include the following information

-Citation: Include the author, date published, title of article, name of journal, volume number and pages. You may use any acceptable citation style

-Several paragraphs summarizing the article. State the main points of the article and conclusions reached if the article was a research report.

-An evaluation of how this material will be helpful in validating or following through with the proposed behavior change. You should ask the question, ” Of what value is this information to me now or later in life?”

To receive credit for summary/evaluations, a copy of each article must be submitted with the project

Each journal article cited must be at least four (4) pages in length

Plagiarism Will Receive a Zero

You must include a citation at the top of the page.  

To Receive Full Credit:  

à Citation of author and date published, title, name of journal, volume of page numbers 

 à Several paragraphs summarizing the article, stating the main points of the article  

àAn evaluation, validating your behavior change (how is it useful to your behavior change project?)  

àSummaries must be one-page each, single-spaced  

 à Journals must be at lease 4 pages length


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