The Railway Children

Chap 1: The Beginning of things The Railway Children Answer the following questions

What did Peter get as his birthday present?

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The Railway Children
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How did Father treat the children?
What was Father doing when the two gentlemen arrived?
Who left their family after their father went away?
What did Mother make the children promise to her?
Where did the three children and their mother move to after leaving London?
What did the children bring along with them to the countryside cottage?
What happened to them at the cottage upon their arrival?

Chap 2: Peter and the coal
The Railway Children
Answer the following questions

What did the children and their mothers do when they could not find their supper?
What did the children do when they woke up the following morning?
Where did the children go after breakfast?
What was the function of the white line on the wall?
How did their mother provide for the family expenses?
Why didn’t the family light fires to keep their house warm during the wet rainy days?
What happened to Peter in the station yard?
What lesson did the children learn from the coal incident?

Chap 3: The Old Gentleman
The Railway Children
Answer the following questions

What did the children do when the trains going to London passed by?
Who waved back at the three children?
What did the children do at the train station?
What happened to the children’s mother?
Who came to check on Mother’s condition?
What was needed by their mother in order to get well?
How did Peter attract the Old Gentleman’s attention?
What did Perks, the porter, bring for the children?

Chap 4: Bobbie’s
Ride The Railway Children
Answer the following questions

What was Mother’s reaction when the children told her that they had asked the Old Gentleman to help them buy food and medicine for her?
Why did Mother write a letter to the Old Gentleman?
What did Bobbie receive for her birthday?
Why did Bobbie’s birthday celebrations end on a sad note?
What happened to Bobbie on the steam train?
Who were the two railway workers who saw Bobbie on the train?
Where did Bobbie change trains to go back home?
How did Peter feel when he saw that his train engine was repaired?

Chap 5: Saving the train
The Railway Children
Answer the following questions

Where were the children when the landslide hit the railway line?
Who suggested to use the red petticoats as flags?
Did the children manage to stop the train? How did they do it?
What is the consequence of the children’s actions?
Who invited the children to the train station for a special ceremony?
Why was the ceremony held?
What did the children get from the Northern and Southern Railway Company?
Who did the Old Gentleman meet at the children’s house?


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