The Peculiarities of Translation of the Advertising Text

Introduction The main task of the translator – to use all knowledge of theoretical bases of translation for transfer the communicative function of the original, as knowledge of theoretical bases of translation and extralinguistic realities are necessary conditions of translation. Suppliers and producers of production do everything possible to attract as much as possible consumers. For this purpose advertizing appears on screens of our television, by radio, also it appears in the form of advertizing brochures, texts and slogans.
Quite often advertizing brochures of this or that production or service go in original language, and proceeding from it it is possible to speak about relevance of creation of more or less uniform strategy and the concept of translation of the such text. When translating advertizing brochures on other languages it is necessary to consider ethical, psychological and personal characteristics of audience and the consumer, specifics and culture of the country for which this brochure is intended.
For many practicians of advertizing activity the text of a foreign language serves only as means for understanding of idea of an advertized product, the text of the brochure is often written anew in language of the country of the consumer taking into account its national specifics. When exact transfer is represented for some reason or other undesirable, the translator uses approximate phrases on sense which surely have to consider traditional ethnic, national and social features, stereotypes of behavior of concrete audience on which production designated in the advertizing brochure is directed.

The purpose of the real work – to designate the main strategy and receptions of translation of English-language advertizing texts into Russian. According to a research objective performance of the following tasks is supposed: 1) To give definitions to concepts the text and a discourse 2) To give definitions to concept the advertizing text 3) To consider classification of the advertizing text 4) To define features of translation of advertizing texts 5) To carry out the comparative comparative analysis of advertizing texts in English and Russian languages As object of research texts of English-speaking advertizing served.
The choice as a material of texts of English advertizing is caused by that huge role which English-speaking media play texts in world information space. Research method – comparative, that is English and Russian advertizing texts are compared, compared. On the structure work consists of the introduction, two theoretical heads and one research, and also the conclusions, the list of sources and the appendix with characteristic examples of advertizing texts.

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The Peculiarities of Translation of the Advertising Text
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