The Light of Trust

The Light of Trust In his article “A Shared Moment of Trust” Warren Christopher emphasizes the importance of being able to depend on and trust one another. He states three different examples, each of them showing how he had used the essential tool of “Trust” for reaching success both in his work, personal and social relationships. First, he points out the meaning of reliance on one another in a simple situation as driving a car.
Driving alone down a dark road, one should have some faith towards other drivers, so that he will not be crushed. Secondly, he expresses his cooperative skills, how he managed to save fifty-two Americans lives, due to his will of believing and trusting even the people that he had never worked with before. Finally, Warren Christopher illustrates the importance of working together as a team, pointing out the fact of trust on each other saving thousands of lives.
To my mind, trust, as a bridge, links individuals together to be a society. It improves a better outcome to be achieved in human being life. Although cheating is everywhere, and I was cheated by my close friend so as to doubt whether I should trust other people or not; finally, I persist my belief that I should trust, trust other people to make my world better. Trust is the reason why a baby stops crying when it is in his mothers embrace, because he knows she will tend to his needs.

Trust is the reason a husband does not question his wife’s whereabouts, because he believes her faithfulness. Trust is the reason a boss does not check behind the work of his employees, because he knows that they will do it to his standards. There are many reasons that highlight the importance of teamwork in the workplace. With suitable teamwork it is possible to decrease the amount of work that usually becomes one individual’s headache. At my workplace I used to share work between my co-workers.
Sharing the workload helped me a lot as there is more focus on less things and the possibility of getting an assignment done earlier than expected. Teamwork also helped me with reducing my stress level. It is important that every employee feel that they are a part of the group. Customers and the community put trust in businesses and their methods by buying their products. Businesses trust fiduciaries that act for them by working with them to acquire their expertise. Even within a business there is trust in the form of employee-employer relationships.
For example, employees trust that they will receive compensation for their work after certain time intervals or after producing certain units of outputs. If there is a lack of trust, these relationships will disintegrate and business efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, trust is a very important and powerful element of life. In every relationship, whether romantic, friendship, business or family, a degree of trust is needed in order for that relationship to be successful.

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The Light of Trust
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