The Industry Of Tourism: Sustainable Tourism

The industry of tourism develops every year. People find out tourism extremely popular, it helps to develop the positions in every country, but it has some disadvantages. It is obvious that tourism can be different and on of it the sustainable tourism. Many people believe that sustainable tourism (or ecotourism) should not be advertised as it is just a marketing ploy. However, from my point of view, sustainable tourism is an essential thing of every country and government should include it in the main spheres of the people’s lives.
First of all, people do not understand what the sustainable tourism is and what the main differences from the ordinary tourism are. People do not know right definition of the sustainable tourism and they consider that it is one of the main problem. However, there is the definition of sustainable tourism and it is travel designed to minimize the impact of humans on the places they visit, encourage protection of both cultural heritage and the environment and provide long-term, socially just economic opportunities for local residents.
1 That is why I think that people do not want to find the definition of some important aspects and they do not understand its advantages or disadvantages. Also, I would like to say that there are a lot of spheres on which sustainable tourism has affected. They can be environment, economy, culture and traditions of each country. In that case many people suppose that sustainable tourism distracts from other essential spheres in the country (for example, economy and politics) that need control and endorsement from the government.

2 However, I think that the government of each country should regulate not only legal aspects of their countries but social ones, too. The socialization of community can change the situation in country greatly and may change it economic or political position in the world. For example, the small island Mauritius has become popular among tourists and its popularity has led to the growth of Gross Domestic Product and to the decrease of the inflation.
Moreover, some people think that we should not pay much attention to sustainable tourism as it does not change the social positions of people in the country whereas social policy can bring benefits to the society. What I think on this problem is that people from other countries may be involved to solve the problem of the native ones. Of cause, I do not mean that tourists should help native people to solve their problems. I think that by advertising sustainable tourism government can have some economic profit from the tourists they have attracted to visit their country.
What is more, some people believe that sustainable tourism appears to get more profit from travelling. People always choose the trips where they can get comfort and can relax but after the appearance of sustainable tourism people have begun to choose ecological trips. I disagree with this opinion and I do not think that it is a marketing ploy. From my point of view, the main role of every tourism (and of sustainable tourism, too) is to show the culture and traditions of the country and the people who are the native habitats.
People want to get new emotions from the trip and to know the history and laws of the country they have visited. The last but not least is the fact that government of each country is worried about the nature of their country as ecology of each nation is vulnerable and suffers greatly from the technological progress. I think that people should believe that advertising of sustainable tourism will not make harm to the flora and fauna as even from the name and kind of this tourism people can understand that ecology will be in safety.
To sum up, it is essential to say that sustainable tourism as everything in the world has its own advantages and drawbacks. I would like to mention that it is the decision of each country whether they will advertise ecotourism or not. As for myself, I find sustainable tourism as a help for the government. It can help to solve economic and social problems in the country as it can increase the profit in the country and national characteristic of each society. I consider that sustainable tourism can help to solve problems that many countries have now and it can change their positions in the world.

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The Industry Of Tourism: Sustainable Tourism
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