The Hero of Troy

In today’s modern times we hear the word hero all of the time Nearly every day on television people talk of athletes and celebrities as being heroes, but actually , they are not heroes at all.Possibly role models, but for the most part, not in heroic qualities a true hero is a man that distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility strength , a person that would put his self in danger to serve his god and country ,a person may even be a hero if he helped people by just giving them strength to go in through life difficulties , someone who would give up his life so another would have a peaceful life , that is what I call a hero , and through the movie we saw allot of courageous powerful warriors that were dying in the sake of their country like ; Paris , Patroclus.Achilles, Odysseus, these are the people that we would really call heroes. but among these heroic people there is one particular one that would rise above them all, and that would be ‘hector’’ the oldest son of’’ priam ‘’ husband of Andromache, and father of Astyanax, and he is the hero of troy because ; hector led the Trojan through the war , sacrificed his life for the sake of troy even defended his brother and stood with him while he was the one that started the war , hector faced and fought with the most power full warrior in Greek ,never gave up on his country and people and he was loyal to them .When Hectors and his brother went to visit Sparta to negotiate peace between Sparta and troy , Paris had seen Helen and he was enchanted by her beauty and fell in love with her , not only Paris who were in love with her, Helen had also admired him as well , when it was time to departed from Sparta , Paris convinced Helen to come back with him to troy and they would live there together , Helen agreed and went back with him , hector did not know about this but when his brother told him at first hector wanted to go back and return her but then he saw how they were in love with each other , he agreed on letting her come back with them to troy , and he supported his brother desire knowing what would happen if he did , but he did not care all what he thought about is what would make his brother happy . he Greeks were rage about the kidnap of Helen and they started a war with troy hector knew that after this truce the Greeks would break this truce and come after troy .

When the Greeks came to invade hector didn’t hastate to serve his country hector wore his armour, gave a warm fare well to his family and went off for battle , hector was known with his skill in fighting ,he was one of the greatest warriors in his time , led his army with sincerity and faith , he saw the army fall down but still he had faith in troy and his self , hector fought with his whole power , when he was hurt he would get cured and fight the next day ,it was all to just see troy free .The Trojan’s launched a surprise attack at the break of dawn and in this battle , hector thought that he had killed Achilles but as he kneels down and removes Achilles helmet he finds out that this guy is actually Patroclus Achilles cousin , but in Achilles armour and ,Patroclus was even moving like Achilles, Achilles was irritate for the lost of his cousin and went to hector’s palace to have his revenge, hector accepts the Consequences of him not being conscious about who he was fighting with , he agrees to fight bravely , and requests that the loser would have a proper funeral hosting by the winner but, Achilles refused , hector puts his soul and heart in the battle and fights strongly , at the start the two were fighting evenly , but eventually Achilles spears hector in the shoulder and then finishes with a sword in the chest . Hector closes his eyes forever on this world and, he leaves a mark in every Trojan soul, and that is a person that everyone would look back and point as’’ the hero of troy ‘’, Hector was one of the great leaders and warrior that no one would forget, he led the Trojans through the Trojan War, lived to serve his country and god, family always came first to him, hector accidently killed Achilles cousin thinking that he is Achilles ,eventually he was killed by Achilles, he speared the prince in the shoulder. Hector leaves a mark in every person’s soul that knows what this brave warrior did. Hector became a moral to every man. ‘’the end ‘’

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The Hero of Troy
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