The Great Gatsby Children’s Story

Once upon a time in a faraway forest called West Egg, there lived a friendly group of happy chipmunks.
Their names were Daisy, Myrtle, Tom and Jay. PAGE 2 At this time, winter was coming and the friends were busy gathering acorns. PAGE 3 One day, when the chipmunks were gathered to admire Myrtle’s collection, she realized they were missing! (“Where are all my acorns?! ”) PAGE 4 One by one, all the chipmunks realized that their acorns had been stolen. PAGE 5 A town meeting was called and the chipmunks agreed to help each other by racing to gather more acorns.The winner that found the most acorns would get to ride at the front of the Harvest Parade. PAGE 6 Tom was determined to win. He was on his way to tell his best friend Daisy about his plan when he ran into Myrtle.
PAGE 7 Tom, seeing how upset Myrtle was, offered to help and be on her team. Daisy could easily find acorns without him! (Myrtle: I’ll never find as many acorns as you! ) PAGE 8 Meanwhile, Daisy sat alone in her room waiting for Tom to come over with his plans… PAGE 9 Finally, Daisy decided to go find Jay to play and ask if he wanted to find acorns together. Daisy: Well, if Tom’s not coming, I’m going to find Jay) PAGE 10 The race to win was on between the two teams! (Picture of Tom and Myrtle together on one side, and Daisy and Jay together on the other) PAGE 11 Tom and Myrtle started searching for acorns in East Egg first thing in the morning. They didn’t have much luck finding acorns. They looked high and low. In the park. By the lake.

Around the forest. And even high up in the trees! (pictures of the different places and some acorns; sentences scattered along the page) PAGE 12 Daisy overslept on the first day of the competition, but Jay was prepared and on time.While he waited for Daisy to fix her hair, he made cookies and packed lunch. PAGE 13 When the team finally left the house, they hurried on their way and found lots of acorns! They looked high and low. In the park. By the lake. Around the forest.
And even high up in the trees! (copy page 11 format) PAGE 14 A week went by and Tom and Myrtle were getting upset because they STILL weren’t finding any acorns. PAGE 15 Meanwhile, Jay and Daisy had a whole basket full! PAGE

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