the final paper

For the final paper, you will address the following questions: What grand strategy should the U.S. adopt in an increasingly turbulent world? Is there a conflict between U.S. national interests and international concerns, or  do  the  two  approximately  align?  Which of  the  two  should  the  U.S. prioritize as it devises and conducts its foreign policy, and which strategic methods and tools best serve this objective? Should the U.S. be more or less active in international affairs? The final paper should be no shorter than five double spaced pages and should not exceed ten pages in length. Your initial paper draft (due July 1) should include your thesis, construct the beginnings of an argument supporting this thesis, and carefully incorporate relevant evidence to bolster your argument.  A good  draft  will  also  consider  alternativearguments  and  address  any  evidence  that seems to contradict the stated thesis. This initial draft should be between three and five pages -that is, roughly half the length of your eventual final document. You should submit it as a word document or text file (not as a PDF) to the relevant Carmen assignment page. The final draft of your paper should be a thorough revision of your initial draft, taking into account my earlier feedback as well as the peer review comments you received. It should also include a clearly  stated  introduction  (What  is  your  Thesis?),  a  carefully  articulated  argument  integrating sources  from  class,  a  section  discussing  and  rebutting  potential  counterarguments,  a  conclusion summarizing and crystallizing your central claims, and an appended bibliography. Throughout the paper,  you  should  cite  all  your  sources;  my  preferred  citation  format  is  the  Chicago  Manual  of Style, but any standard formatting style, e.g. MLA and APA, will be accepted. For this particular paper, simply ensure you consistently use your chosen citation style.

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the final paper
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