The Dog Named Bailey

There is Golden Retrieved dog named Bailey he met his owner when the time when two men left him inside the car and that almost lead him to death. Thankfully, his mother has the guts to break the car window to save the dog.
Every summer Ethan and Bailey usually bond whenever they visit to Ethan’s maternal grandparents’ farm. One summer when there is a fair in the town, Ethan met Hannah and that starts their dating and then spend their summer happy together. They talked that they should go to the same school, Ethan got the football scholarship.
There is one night his father got home drunk and he is shouting at Ethan’s mother. Ethan father focused on him and Ethan’s mother tried to stop him but unintentionally Ethan was pushed by her husband and she landed to the ground. Ethan become furious and he shouted to his father to leave and told not to come back again.

The football game has began and he got the scholarship but sadly his classmate pull a fire prank on him and unexpectedly it really turns their house into fire. Bailey was the one who warn Ethan and then Ethan fractured his leg and that end his athletic scholarship and he had depression that lead him to break up with Hannah.
As the days passed Bailey got old then he fall a slept and reincarnated into another dog life, a female German Shepherd police dog named Ellie her master is a police officer named Carlos that the job is in finding and seeking and because of that Ellie is partnered with the police officer and there is a incident that Ellie have to save a girl that is kidnapped and drowning but sadly Ellie was shot by the kidnapper.
Reincarnated again into another dog life, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Tino his master was named Maya and Tino has become her source of happiness because Maya was alone and sad but they met Al and Roxy. Maya fell in love with Al and Tino fell in love with Roxy. Maya and Al got married and had 3 kids then one day the married couple brought Roxy to the veterinarian and she never came back so Tino got brokenhearted and sad then told himself that it is the best life that he had.
Then he was reborn and reincarnated again , a St. Bernard-Australian Shepherd named Waffles he was adapted by a couple but he is sad because he is always in lot and he never played but one night he was left by his master but he think that he never want to go back there again.
The next day he went to a park and smelled a familiar girl that he smelled before and then he walked and smelled a similar smell that he smelled before the garbage and everything and then he reunites with his new master Ethan but sadly he was brought to a house for dogs and then one day Ethan got him back to his house and he named him Buddy then eventually Ethan was reunited with the love of his life Hannah and Buddy and Ethan, they bond like how they usually bond, playing fetch and running.

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The Dog Named Bailey
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