The customer

Introduction and Resources

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The customer
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What impact does the consumer have on a corporation’s behavior? Can the perceptions of the at-large public affect a corporation’s bottom line?

Your Assignment

Following are the instructions and links related to Assignment #3, The Consumer. As always, you are free to ask me any questions, whether during our live session, or if you prefer, via e-mail. And remember, no question or concern is too small or minor to be addressed. 

Compose a 4 to 5-page paper in which you consider the following questions: Are the ads effective? How did you react to them, especially in light of our class discussions and readings? How do State Farm and McDonald’s want to be seen, or characterized, by consumers of their products? By the public at large? Why does it matter, if at all? You are free to address other issues in your paper as you see fit, but I expect you to explicitly answer the questions here. Also, remember that you MUST cite all of your sources (whether from class or outside of it) if you conduct any research in composing your paper. And please be sure to submit a paper which is typed in a standard, 12-point font, to double space, and to use appropriate (i.e., one inch) margins.  

Grading Criteria

You will be graded on how thoroughly you answer the questions posed in the assignment instructions, and by the proper use of citations. Points will also be awarded for unusually felicitous expression. 


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